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Ranger’s rescue

Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Meet Ranger.

He’s an adorable 9-month-old pup with sparkling, soulful puppy dog eyes. He was adopted last week into a wonderful, loving family and has bonded particularly closely with his four-legged sister Lavender.

But life was not always so sweet for Ranger.

We met Ranger just a few days after he was rescued from a dreadful animal hoarding situation in rural Georgia, where he and eight other innocent dogs and puppies lived in a dirt-floored, open-air structure, littered with trash and waste.

Our friends from Callie’s Pet Rescue, a private organization with whom we partner in Georgia, rescued the dogs from these miserable conditions and sought our urgent help in bringing into our care five of the sweet pups. Callie’s Pet Rescue sent us a video of the location where Ranger and the other dogs were being kept by their former owners, who ultimately relinquished them. 

We drove to meet the Callie’s Pet Rescue team in Salem, Virginia, and took Ranger and four of his housemates into our care in March and began delivering to them essential care and treatment they had formerly been denied.

Because of the kindness of our supporters, we were able to give Ranger and his housemates a fresh start in loving homes. While in our care, we examined them, spayed and neutered them and treated them for skin infections from which they were suffering. When Ranger’s treatment was complete, we made the sweet, yet timid boy available for adoption.

On the very first day he was available to be adopted, it was love at first sight.

Ranger’s adoptive family is showering him with love and patiently working with him to show him the ropes of becoming a beloved, healthy, treasured pet. We could not be more grateful to them, and to you, for making Ranger’s bright future possible.

Will you please make a gift today to ensure other homeless pets in great need have the same opportunities for happy futures?

Photos of Ranger provided by Brittany Rose Photography. Video footage provided by Callie’s Pet Rescue.

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