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Rescued Bahamian dogs arrive safely at the Richmond SPCA

Posted on Friday, October 11, 2019
Four dogs rescued from the Bahamas arrive at the Richmond SPCA

Before Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the US mainland over Labor Day weekend, the Richmond SPCA brought pets into our care from two Florida shelters, and today we are again welcoming dogs whose rescue was precipitated by Dorian. The devastating impact of the September hurricane on the Bahamas left few prospects for homeless dogs in the country’s shelters.

Dogs transported from the Bahamas by FUR landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday, October 9.

The four dogs now in the care of the Richmond SPCA had all been surrendered by their owners to Bahamian shelters before the storm. As the Bahamas struggle to recover, being transported stateside will allow dogs like Ginger, Potcake, Marino and Gorm to receive the veterinary treatment they so desperately need before being placed in loving homes here in Richmond.

International rescues take an immense amount of coordination, and we are grateful to our partner Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) for coordinating the flight from the Bahamas and ground transportation from Florida. Soon after the dogs’ arrival, our Associate Veterinarian Dr. David Molinas performed intake exams to assess each dog’s condition. They welcomed his gentle touch as he evaluated their overall condition, complied with curiosity even as he checked inside their mouths, and wagged their tails as he listened to their hearts.

The protocol we have established for international rescues necessitates a two-week quarantine, during which the dogs will be observed for any new symptoms while receiving loving daily care from a dedicated member of our animal care team. Marino is beginning treatment right away for conjunctivitis, an infection of his eyes, while treatment plans will be developed for Ginger, who needs a mass removed, and Potcake, who will require further diagnostics related to the condition of her skin. Though Gorm is missing a leg, his amputation is well healed, and he otherwise appears to be healthy.

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This is our fourth time working with FUR on emergency response for homeless animals over the course of two years. Most recently, their volunteers transported dogs from Clay County, Florida on the same day in September that we received cats and dogs from Nassau Humane Society. Those shelters in Nassau and Clay Counties were in Dorian’s expected path and evacuated animals in their care to prepare to better serve their communities following the storm. Over several weeks we provided veterinary treatment to ready those 37 dogs and cats for loving homes, including Flash who is currently awaiting adoption.

In the coming weeks, we will look forward to providing updates as Ginger, Potcake, Marino and Gorm make progress and ultimately begin new lives with lasting homes in our community.

Your support makes it possible for us to come to their rescue.

Tabitha Treloar and Roux (dog)
Tabitha and her dog Roux

Tabitha joined the Richmond SPCA in 2005 as an admissions counselor soon after moving to Richmond from her home state of Mississippi, and has been our director of communications since 2010. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and PRSA Richmond.

Tabitha and her husband live in Richmond with five Richmond SPCA alumni – two cats and three dogs.

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