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After years of neglect, Eloise gets a Cinderella story

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019
Director of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Angela Ivey with Eloise

Every day, the Richmond SPCA comes to the rescue of pets in need. Eloise is one of the thousands of pets whose rescue depends on us.

In August, we met a small 7-year-old pup who had been picked up as a stray by an animal control officer in Henrico County. The little dog’s coat was in terrible condition and bare in many places. Looking into her sweet eyes behind a mop of dirty hair, our admissions team saw that her corneas were scarred, and her vision was extremely limited, if not completely lost.

When no owner came forward for her at Henrico Animal Control, our team hit the road to Henrico County. We transferred her into our loving care, knowing that there would be a long road ahead to manage her chronic health needs. We named her Eloise.

Eloise is ready for a bright future full of the love she deserves.

In addition to a lifetime of untreated skin issues and periodontal disease, Eloise was suffering from painful chronic dry eyes which had caused her to lose nearly all of her vision. Simply put, Eloise cannot produce her own tears. Most pets who have this disorder live comfortable lives with the aid of eye drops provided by their guardians. However in Eloise’s case, years of neglect had led to an extreme case of painful scarring and blindness in both of her eyes.

Once Eloise arrived at our center, our veterinary team went to work to treat her skin conditions and dental disease and to tend to her neglected eyes.

Eloise now has a beautiful next chapter in her story, one that has a happy ending with a forever family thanks to the support of animal lovers like you. You make our work to save Eloise, and so many more vulnerable, homeless animals, possible.

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