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Cats belonging to a family in trouble receive comfort and care

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic brought devastating change to Lily Pad and Constance's family, and they needed our help.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started impacting our region, we have received an increase of calls and emails from guardians seeking our assistance in caring for their pets. Our goal is always to find ways to keep families intact and to prevent them from facing heartbreaking decisions to surrender pets to our humane center or any other shelter.

Constance’s family was faced with heartbreaking news during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we work hard and creatively to keep pets in loving homes during the current crisis, we continue to rely on our Project Safety Net programs, including: our pet pantry, which provides temporary access to free pet food for families in need; our veterinary hospital, which offers quality care at a low cost; behavior support through our free Behavior Helpline and resource library; and free rehoming and temporary emergency boarding services.

In early May, following a job loss and housing foreclosure, a family reached out to us regarding their four beloved adopted cats Constance, Josiah, Lily Pad and Beastie Boy. The family had been temporarily living in a motel, but the motel wouldn’t permit them to keep their pets in their room.

The heartbroken family worked for a few weeks to try to find their cats a new home where they would continue to be loved and comforted. They found one family member who was able to take in Beastie Boy, but when they couldn’t find their other three cats a place to stay, the motel management asked the family to leave.

The family saw no choice but to surrender their companions to a shelter in order to avoid losing their temporary housing at the motel and becoming homeless. In tears, they scheduled an appointment to bring the cats to our humane center.

Manager of Animal Care Danny MacKay and Lily Pad

But we had different plans for the cats and for the family, who were so devoted to their companions and had given them wonderful care over the years.

We put our heads together and devised a plan to temporarily deliver care to the three cats while the family got back on their feet. The cats are safe with our team, who will provide medical treatment and help with any other needs the cats may have while in our care. Constance, Josiah and Lily Pad will be with us in our care, living in one of our staff members’ offices, until their family has a more permanent, pet-friendly housing solution.

Pets belong with their people. And people belong with their pets. We are doing everything we can throughout this public health emergency to keep families together. And we are grateful to donors like you who make this work possible.

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