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Updated infographic: Four months of lifesaving during a global pandemic

Posted on Friday, July 31, 2020

We knew around the time COVID-19 first started impacting our region that responding to the global pandemic would be a marathon and not a sprint. Since dramatically modifying nearly every aspect of our operations in early March, we have continuously been refining these new processes and procedures to keep pace with updated public health guidance. And I don’t need to tell you that process has been enormously challenging. But, throughout all the pivoting, the Richmond SPCA’s team of remarkable professionals has remained steadfast in one thing: Our commitment to our mission and to vulnerable animals in our community. And that will continue no matter how long COVID-19 affects us.

Back in May, you may remember that we provided an update on our lifesaving impact during the first two months of the health crisis in Central Virginia. This week, we added to those figures with two more months of data, which we share below. As our staff was reviewing their own performance, one team member emailed to say, “now we know why we are so tired!”

While we might be tired, we are inspired and resilient. The Richmond SPCA will keep fighting this fight and saving lives throughout the public health emergency. And we will continue to add to the lifesaving we’ve achieved with our community’s generous support and help in all the months to come. Because love lives here. In fact, it thrives here. And we will keep thriving for the benefit of at-risk animals who desperately need us to come to their rescue.

Infographic depicting the impact of the Richmond SPCA'S work from March 17 through July 18, 2020

Tamsen Kingry and Maggie (dog)
Tamsen with her dog Sugar Magnolia (Maggie, for short)

As the CEO of the Richmond SPCA, Tamsen Kingry oversees the development of our organization’s short- and long-term strategies to achieve maximum lifesaving and fulfill with integrity the Richmond SPCA’s mission.

When she’s not busy working alongside our talented and dedicated staff, Board and volunteers, Tamsen enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as their two cats and a dog—all of whom they adopted from the Richmond SPCA.

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