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Adoption spotlight: Harlow and Maybelle

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Betsy shares that Richmond SPCA alumni Harlow and Maybelle have provided double the fun and laughs.

Last October, Richmond SPCA adopter Betsy Wilson adopted not one, but two adorable dogs named Harlow and Maybelle. She recently wrote us and shared the ups, downs and laughs her two canine companions have provided her over the year.

“Hello there Richmond SPCA! I hope all of you are well. I adopted Harlow and Maybelle last October and I wanted to share with you how things are going; Maybelle and Harlow are just the light of my life. I love them both so very much!

“Harlow is very intent on sticking to his preferred schedule. He wakes up, jumps in my car for a coffee and pup cup run, back for breakfast kibble and then he reluctantly lets me get to work. Around lunchtime, we walk around the block, work again, dog park by at least 3:30 and back for dinner. If I diverge from this schedule in the slightest, it throws off the whole day and it is very hard to get him settled down and back on track. He loves the dog park and has made many friends there!

“Maybelle, Maybelle, Maybelle has opened my eyes to the world of Basset/Beagle mixes aka Bagles. Maybelle does nothing she does not want to do. Walks are almost impossible, but they are getting better. We just have to make sure we get home before Maybelle decides that she will walk no further; we call it “putting down the anchor.” I have carried her home too many times to count now, but I do it with a smile on my face (about an hour later). We are quite the entertainment of the neighborhood. It has taken her a little while, but she is warming up and letting her loving and funny personality emerge. 

While Maybelle and Harlow are very different, they have become friends. They have a loving auntie and a Grammy and Grampy that check in on them several times a day and have helped me get Harlow and Maybelle settled in their new home. Thank you so very much for matching me with these two!” 

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