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Cinderella Fund gives new, pain-free life to 8-year-old Bridget

Posted on Tuesday, November 09, 2021

When Admissions Counselor Gregory Griffin responded to a request from our partners at the Regional Animal Shelter in King William County, it was the start of a new chapter in the Cinderella story of a loveable bulldog named Bridget.

Remembering the first time he met Bridget, Gregg recalls that she was “as happy as she could be. But looking at her, you could tell she’d been through quite a lot.”

Bridget’s bottom half was stained with urine, and it appeared that the sweet dog, who had been bred multiple times, had spent most of her time confined to a crate.

But those days were quickly behind the resilient senior gal, who had nothing but love for her caretakers in King William and the family of supporters she met at the Richmond SPCA.

While friends in King William addressed some of Bridget’s immediate medical needs, including a surgery to correct a painful condition affecting her eyelids. They knew Bridget also had some orthopedic issues, which is why they turned to us for help.

When Bridget arrived at our humane center, Associate Veterinarian Dr. David Molinas performed Bridget’s medical exam, spayed her and gave her a deep dental cleaning. Our veterinary team also took X-rays of Bridget’s hips and knees so they could better assess her orthopedic conditions and form a surgical plan.

Bridget’s X-rays revealed several orthopedic issues causing her considerable discomfort. In addition to painful arthritis in both of her hips, Bridget had subluxation on both her left and right side, which was causing the heads of her femurs to pop out of the sockets of her hipbones. Bridget also had bilateral patellar luxation, meaning both of her kneecaps were slipping out of place. These combined conditions were making it difficult for her to walk and bend her legs, and as a result, Bridget was losing muscle.

Your support of injured pets like Bridget guaranteed that we could come to her rescue.

In April, Dr. Molinas performed Bridget’s first orthopedic surgery on her right hip and knee. After recovering under the care of our veterinary team, Bridget went to temporarily stay with one of our most devoted volunteers, a woman who has extensive experience fostering pets who are undergoing medical treatment.

Bridget recovered beautifully while her loving foster caretaker provided daily physical therapy and slow walks – in between snuggles and sloppy bulldog kisses.

At Bridget’s two-month checkup, Dr. Molinas and his team were thrilled by how she was healing. They were confident that she was ready for her second surgery – an identical orthopedic intervention on her left side.

Following Bridget’s second surgery and related recovery, Dr. Molinas cleared her for adoption with the understanding that her new guardians would bring her back for checkups and follow the same rehabilitation protocols that had been so successful in her foster home.

In no time, the adoption bell rang for Bridget, and she found her perfect fit with a young family. She’s been back to visit for checkups, much to the delight of our team. Dr. Molinas has conducted additional X-rays to verify that Bridget’s bones are healing well, and he reports that Bridget’s new guardians are doing an amazing job with her rehabilitation.

Bridget is a wonderful companion and has taken a new lease on life. “She got the zoomies for the first time the other day,” her adopter reported. “I think she was feeling good – she was really feeling herself!”

The Richmond SPCA’s Cinderella Fund makes the impossible possible for dogs like Bridget and hundreds of other sick and injured animals who come into our care each year.

Dr. Molinas and Bridget

When donors like you support this fund, you enable Dr. Molinas and our entire veterinary services team, as well as our dedicated foster volunteers, to have access to equipment, medicine and supplies for lifechanging transformations just like Bridget’s.

It’s no wonder Bridget has been “feeling herself” lately – a community of cheerleaders, caretakers and compassionate donors came to her rescue, giving her a brand new life, free of pain and full of love. Thank you for being part of that team.

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