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We Were Adopted: July 11 – July 17, 2022

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

While we are overwhelmingly sad about the theft of Daenerys from our adoption center on Friday evening, we remain focused on assuring her safe return and taking steps to further protect cats housed in our adoption lobby. Though this has been a difficult week for us, we are also celebrating a big week of adoptions for pets who found lasting homes.

Cats adopted last week

Not pictured: Baritone, Hughie, Chives, Tecna, Jane, Dacus, Lavon, Rocket, Cornbread, Seinfeld, Benes, Takeshi Jin, Woody, Pastel, Wren, Brioche, Challah, Makaria, Iowa, Party Hat, Stache, Slytherin, Froot Loop, Focaccia, Sourdough, Friskie, Zagreus, Plutus, Melinoe, Victor, Pepper, Cappy, Howl, Raven, Marbles, Willow, Poppy, Albert, Taco Tuesday

Dogs adopted last week

Not pictured: Llama Bell, Leslie

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