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We Were Adopted: September 5 – September 11, 2022

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2022

We celebrated the adoptions of 83 pets this past week! Precious pets like Kai, Gem, Alfie and Tanner are now in the care of their lasting guardians. Check out the lucky 67 cats and 16 dogs that were adopted in the galleries below!

On the search for your next feline or canine companion? Our adoption counselors would be happy to introduce you to the many wonderful pets in our care. Through the end of September, we’re continuing our two-for-one cat adoption special. Stop by our adoption center and ask an adoption counselor to help you find the perfect dynamic duo and pay a single adoption fee.

Cats adopted last week

Not pictured: Cumulus, Epsilon, Stratus, Delano, Misty, Ash, Ahsoka, Lunar, Cavatappi, Bordeaux, Mash, Olivido, Speedy, Mish, Thwunk, Fancy Feet, Gunther, Bubble Bath, Weston, Archer, Equibus, Skibbidybop, Tootarino, Offset, Dylan OBrien, Squibbledash, Ikovski, Andaman, Tasman, Apple, Egypt, Penelope

Dogs adopted last week

Not pictured: Linetti, Wendy, Ipsofacto, JD McScrubs

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