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Pet Post: Winter 2022 edition

Posted on Monday, December 05, 2022

Dear Friend,

On November 5, we celebrated the 24th anniversary of our beloved Fur Ball, an event that raises crucial support to treat and rehabilitate thousands of sick and injured homeless animals in our care. On that special evening, thanks to the generosity of dozens of f riends and sponsors, we netted $580,000 for our Cinderella Fund, which fuels our shelter’s veterinary medical budget. That is an extraordinary number, and we are deeply grateful for it; however, it represents just under 60 percent of the total amount of funding the Richmond SPCA will need in the coming months to medically treat every dog and cat who needs us.

Tiger Lily, a young puppy abandoned at our humane center and whose life we saved with your support

This year, to guarantee the futures of more than 4,000 homeless animals, 85 percent of whom will need intensive care for an illness or injury prior to adoption, we must raise $420,000 more. And we need your help. Precious pets like Tiger Lily, whose life we saved this summer and whose story we highlight in the enclosed newsletter, depend on it.

In the early hours of August 30, someone placed a 12-week-old puppy near the entrance to our humane center. One of our Facilities technicians, upon arrival for work, found the young dog motionless on the concrete sidewalk, her leg wrapped in a bloodied shirt and her body in shock. Camera footage revealed she had barely moved since her abandonment six hours earlier.

Our technician knew right away that Tiger Lily was in serious trouble and needed immediate medical attention, so he sought the help of our medical staff. Knowing the puppy’s condition was grave, these heroic team members wasted no time delivering essential care and treatment. They and others on our staff dedicated themselves to saving her life. And that’s exactly what they did. Tiger Lily fully recovered f rom her injuries and infection and met her match with a loving adopter weeks later.

Compassionate and bighearted people like you make stories such as Tiger Lily’s possible. Pets who once struggled to survive now thrive thanks to your support of our Cinderella Fund, which is why we will dedicate every dollar this newsletter raises to that special pool of resources. I know you share our commitment to care for vulnerable, homeless pets. When you send your love to their rescue this holiday season, you will be guaranteeing them a future filled with love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tamsen Kingry
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. When you make a gift of $50 or more, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000 by an anonymous donor!

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