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Loads of love: Renovations to our laundry and dish washing areas will keep thousands of pets healthy, cozy and clean

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2023

The familiar barks and meows ringing out through our hallways will soon be drowned out by jackhammers. The temporary disruption is more than worthwhile, signaling the demolition of our existing laundry and dish rooms, which have served 68,216 pets since our humane center opened in 2002.

In a shelter setting, cleanliness is crucial. Sterilizing bowls, litter pans and toys reduces the spread of disease. Fresh bedding simulates the comfort of home and reduces stress but must be laundered frequently.

The needs of our facility and our pets have long since outgrown the capabilities of the space and equipment in these two small rooms. It’s a struggle that is all too familiar to the dedicated volunteers who keep our washers and dryers running constantly to provide clean linens and bedding to the cats and dogs we shelter. One of those volunteers, Debbie Allen, has provided generous financial support to fund this renovation. We have also been awarded a challenge grant from the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, and your gift today can help us meet that challenge.

Due to rising construction costs, the sizable renovation budget does not cover three essential pieces of equipment:

  • A third commercial washer and dryer, to be added to our existing two sets
  • A new commercial dishwasher to replace handwashing of food and water dishes and litter pans

The price tag for these items is $35,000. Thanks to a generous $10,000 gift from our friends at The London Company, we have the goal of raising an additional $25,000 before construction begins on May 1.

These improvements to our infrastructure will dramatically increase the efficiency of our shelter operations. Will you make a gift today that will benefit the animals in our care for many years to come?

Each load is washed with love, and the pets resting their heads on soft blankets will have you to thank for their sweet dreams and comfy beds.

Any funds raised beyond our project goal will go to support our area of greatest need.

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