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Pet Post: Spring 2023 edition

Posted on Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Dear Friend,

In the enclosed newsletter, we introduce you to just two of the thousands of dogs and cats whose lives the Richmond SPCA saved — with your crucial help — in the last year. I suspect you will fall in love, just as we did, with Ulsan and Tripp, each of whom needed substantial medical treatment or behavioral rehabilitation while in our care and as our committed staff prepared them for adoption.

Tripp, now in a loving home (and who can be found traveling about town in a bag on his adopter’s hip), is one of the thousands of pets you enabled us to rescue in the last year.

Today, we can report that both Ulsan and Tripp are thriving in homes with guardians who are utterly devoted to their health and happiness. Our hearts are full, and yours should be too because you assured these outcomes as well as many, many more.

In fact, you helped us come to the rescue of 19,000 animals last fiscal year. That number includes 4,500 homeless dogs and cats we sheltered in our humane center as well as 14,500 pets we helped through our pet pantry, behavior helpline, public training workshops, low-cost Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital, and Smoky’s Spay & Neuter Clinic, among other essential programming.

Taken as a whole, these numbers are astounding. Equally as impressive are the compassionate and generous donors like you who make our lifesaving work possible every day. Your support is vital to establishing the resources necessary to not only find pets homes — but just as importantly — to keep pets in them.

As you read about Ulsan and Tripp as well as the wonderful alumni updates in this Pet Post, I hope you will take a moment to consider your impact on these animals. While you may be hearing their stories for the first time, you have been a critical part of their journeys since they entered our care. Your support helped us say “yes” to these pets as well as the thousands of others we aided last year. I hope you feel as much joy and gratitude reading this newsletter as we did while writing it.

With my enormous thanks,

Tamsen Kingry

Chief Executive Officer

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