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Pet Post: Spring 2024 edition

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the support of donors like you, Dandelion was adopted in February, 2024 after nine months in our care.
Photo by Brittany Rose Photography

Last month, comedian Jon Stewart delivered a tearful tribute to his beloved adopted dog Dipper, who recently passed away. If you haven’t yet seen the emotional segment, I encourage you to watch it (and to have a few tissues handy). In it, Jon recalls meeting Dipper about 12 years ago at a no-kill shelter in New York City. The adorable dog had survived being hit by a car, underwent a leg amputation, and was nursed back to health by his rescuers. The Stewarts were instantly smitten with the hard-to-resist tripod and took Dipper home. He remained the family’s best friend — a loyal and constant companion radiating unconditional love — until the end. To quote Jon, “In a world of good boys, he was the best.”

As I watched the viral video, I thought about all the good boys (and girls) like Dipper the Richmond SPCA has rescued and rehabilitated over the years and about all the people whose lives those remarkable shelter pets have enriched. I thought about my own adopted dogs and cats with whom I’ve shared countless joyous memories and who have filled my house with limitless purrs and slobbery kisses. And, I thought about all the amazing animals at our center and in shelters throughout the region eagerly and urgently awaiting lasting homes of their own.

The Richmond SPCA is working hard every day — with your help — to save the lives of animals, to unite them with loving guardians, and to provide the resources our community needs to care for its beloved companions for their lifetimes. There are thousands of pets who will need us in the year ahead, and your continued, generous support ensures we will be there for them, just as we were there for the pets you’ll read about in the enclosed newsletter.

Let’s honor Dipper’s legacy by making a difference in the lives of homeless animals. With you as our partners, we can guarantee them — and those who cherish them — the happily ever afters they so deserve.


Tamsen Kingry

Chief Executive Officer

Watch the Dipper tribute video here.

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