Dealing with Distractions Workshop

August 17, 2020
Monday 7:15 – 8:45 p.m.

Instructor: Jacob Burnheimer

If you share your life with a dog, you’re familiar with distractions. Squirrel! Dog! A place to sniff! Learn how to win what may sometimes seem like a losing battle with the world of distractions around us by understanding the best ways to gain and maintain your dog’s focus. We’ll explain how small steps, good treats and patience are your best allies to winning back your best friend’s wandering attention.

We will cover:

  • Why starting small and slowly increasing the intensity of the distraction is key
  • The importance of knowing your criteria—what your dog must do right now to get paid 
  • How using small but impactful treats can get your dog’s attention
  • That simple behaviors such as sit can be your best friend
  • Games you can play to make practice fun
  • Time will be left at the end for questions about your individual dog.

This workshop will introduce the basics of training-distance, duration and difficulty and will then show you how they can be leveraged in everyday life.    

90 minute virtual workshop without dogs. More information on virtual classes available here.

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