Destructive Chewing Workshop – Virtual

January 27, 2021
Wednesday 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Instructor: Alisha Fritz

This workshop will cover our dogs’ need to chew, why they chew items other than their own toys, and how to teach them to select and chew on safe and appropriate items. We will discuss the various reasons why dogs chew (for health, because they are anxious or just for fun). We will review the types of textures dogs tend to prefer to chew, what chew toys are safest, and techniques to help dogs learn what is appropriate to chew. We will also cover common household items dogs enjoy chewing, but that could be unsafe for them to chew. And, lastly, we’ll cover how to keep cherished and expensive belongings from getting chewed!

Time will be left at the end of the presentation to answer questions about attendees’ individual households and dogs.

90 minute virtual workshop for people via zoom.

More information about virtual courses via zoom is available here: What you need.

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