Managing a Reactive Dog

August 10 – September 21, 2019 (no class held on September 7)
Saturdays at 2:15 p.m.

Instructor: Alisha Fritz

Managing a Reactive Dog is an entry level course for dogs who growl, bark, or lunge towards dogs or people while out on walks.  It teaches handlers how to identify their dog’s triggers (source of fear or excitement), and manage the dog in the presence of these triggers.  The exercises covered are designed to help the dog learn to be less worried about his or her triggers, have better focus on the handler, and make better decisions instead of reacting. We will not cover how to introduce your dog to new animals or people. As a matter of safety, all handlers must be able to fully control their dogs on leash both in our building and the parking lots. Enrolled dogs must up to date on vaccinations.  The first class is for HUMANS ONLY. If you have any questions regarding whether this class is right for you and your dog, please call Gail Bird Necklace at 804-521-1332. 

All dogs must be 6 months or older and current on vaccinations. Spaying or neutering strongly recommend.

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