Polite Puppy – Holiday Edition: 3-Session Workshop

December 2 – December 16, 2022
Fridays 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Please review our Covid-19 training class policies before attending your first class.

Instructor: Emily Bromseth

Keep your puppy, family and guests happy, healthy and safe during this holiday season.

For puppies 8-20 weeks of age and current on required vaccinations.

This 3-week fun-sized course is timed to help you prepare for the upcoming holidays. Skills learned will help during this season as well as be tools you can count on for the rest of your dog’s life.   

Learn how training, management and enrichment can help your puppy and family enjoy the time together just a bit more. We will cover:

  • Keeping decorations safe from your puppy
  • How to identify holiday foods should never be fed to a dog
  • Helping your puppy feel comfortable in a crate or playpen
  • Safe travel tips
  • How to demonstrate to guests the best way to become best friends with your puppy
  • Using enrichment to your advantage.
  • And more

3-session, 60-minute fun-size training classes in Smoky’s Training Center.

All classes are with dogs.

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