Resource Guarding Workshop

August 22, 2020
Satuday 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Instructor: Jacob Burnheimer

It can be heartbreaking and frightening to have your dog growl or snap at you over a possession. Understanding why your dog is doing this and how you can safely manage the situation can help remove some of your anxiety. With empathy and science, this webinar will explain where resource guarding comes from and why it’s nothing personal, and it will provide solid resources if you wish you pursue training to change this behavior. You can live in a harmonious household with your dog.

We will cover:

  • Why punishment isn’t the answer—and how it can make things worse
  • Solid management solutions
  • What to do when your dog shows guarding behaviors
  • How reading your dog’s body language can help
  • Prevention exercises for puppies
  • There will be time at the end for questions about your individual dog.

90 minute virtual workshop without dogs. More information on virtual classes available here.

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