Surviving Adolescence

July 31 – September 11, 2019
Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m.

Instructor: Alisha Fritz

Prerequisite: we recommend that puppies 4-6 months of age complete a socialization based puppy class prior to taking this class but it is not required.

Surviving Adolescence is a basic manners course intended for older puppies and dogs in their “teenage” stage of development who are 4-18 months old.  It will include some socialization exercises but will also help you teach your dog manners such as sit, down, come, stay and leave it.  We will also concentrate on issues commonly experienced with adolescent dogs such as jumping up.  You will learn strategies for working through this challenging stage of canine life.  This class is a good alternative to Canine Manners if your dog has not been spayed or neutered yet. The first class is for HUMANS ONLY.

All dogs must be 4-18 months old and current on vaccinations. Spaying or neutering strongly recommend.

Seven-week, one-hour class in Smoky’s Training Center.

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