Enrichment for the Dog Days of Summer

July 23, 2024
Tuesday 7:00 p.m.

Instructor: Julie Fields

It’s hot! Are you and your dog getting bored with the short walks and abbreviated backyard playtimes? Indoor enrichment can be the answer.

Learn games and exercises that can keep the sizzling summer days interesting and stimulating to you and your dog. This webinar will explore the importance of giving your dog outlets for his or her mental and physical energy, as well as how you can provide these valuable activities. We will demonstrate easy, budget-friendly, and fun ways to provide enrichment, and you will leave the class with loads of ideas and inspiration, all from the comfort of your air-conditioned home.

Your dog can join you during the session, or snooze while you take in all the information for later use.

90-minute (includes time for questions) virtual workshop. For more information on virtual classes click here.

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