Litter Box Issues Workshop – Virtual

June 30, 2021
Wednesday 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Eastern

Instructor: Janet Velenovsky

One of the most common and frustrating challenges some cat guardians encounter is issues with the litter box. Inappropriate elimination is the main reason families with cats consider relinquishment of their companions. During this workshop, we will discuss strategies to avoid, improve, and/or eliminate this problem. 

Many cats will go through a period in their lives when litter box use becomes inconsistent. This can be due to a medical issue, a traumatic event, or inconsistent cleaning and maintenance of the boxes.

Find out what research has taught us about cats’ preferences and learn tips to avoid litter box issues from developing. Do you know what a “litter box smorgasbord is?”  Have you heard of “substrate preferences?” During the workshop, we will discuss strategies to avoid, improve, and/or eliminate litter box problems. Time will be left at the end of the presentation for questions about your individual household and cats.

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