what to expect on rappel day

What To Expect On Rappel Day

You are amazing. Thank you for going Over The Edge for pets in need! Your fundraising feat is truly lifesaving. We can’t wait to see you on the roof!

Now, let’s make sure you’re ready to go Over The Edge.

What To Wear

We recommend you wear well-fitting sneakers or other non-marking soft-soled shoes. All shoes must be approved during staging.

Hair tied back
All long hair should be securely tied back.

Fitted clothing
To assure you’re comfortable wearing the full-body industrial harness, we suggest wearing well-fitted clothing.

What Not To Wear

  • Clothing with drawstrings
  • Dark soled shoes or high heels
  • Jewelry that could get caught on something
  • Headwear that can’t fit under the provided helmet
  • Excessively baggy clothing

Rappeller Check-in

  • Arrive at the Thomas F. Farrell II Building no later than 1 hour before your scheduled rappel time in order to sign our participant waiver, get checked in and meet with the Over The Edge rope technicians.
  • At this time, give your friends and family members a wave – the next time you’ll see them will be after your rappel! If you prefer for your friends and family members to keep your valuables and droppable objects (cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.) you’ll hand those over now.

Staging and Training

  • Rappellers will be escorted to our staging area, where you’ll store your loose objects and droppable valuables (phones, keys, wallet, etc.) which are not permitted with you on the roof.
  • You’ll be fitted with your rappelling gear and we’ll provide you with a helmet, a radio, a full-body industrial harness and gloves.
  • Next, you’ll be escorted up to the roof! You’ll have the opportunity to train with our rope technicians up on the roof before you…

Go Over The Edge!

  • Take in the amazing view of the River City, and catch your breath. It’s time to go Over The Edge!
  • With support and guidance from the Over The Edge rope technicians, you’ll rappel 20 stories down the side of the Thomas F. Farrell II Building. We’ll be cheering for you all the way down!
  • When you reach the sidewalk along Canal Street, cheers and celebration will be aplenty. And, you’ll know you’ve made a lifesaving difference for pets in need. Thank you!

Questions? Check out our FAQs and contact Gray Miller by email or call her at 804-521-1311.

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