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Pet Enrichment and Training Teams

The Richmond SPCA’s Green and Blue Teams are comprised of dedicated volunteers who provide additional enrichment and training to the dogs and cats in our care. This crucial enrichment greatly improves these pets’ lives while they await adoption.

At this time, our volunteer needs have been fulfilled. We will begin accepting new applications from January 2, 2023 until January 13, 2023.

Green Team

Green Team members are trained in teaching the dogs in our care skills that will help prepare the dogs for adoption, while providing them both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Members of the Green Team must be 18 years of age or older and are asked to volunteer at least one hour each week dedicated to Green Team-specific volunteer tasks.

Blue Team

Blue Team members provide essential physical and mental exercise to the cats in our care and teach the cats behaviors that help prepare them for adoption. Members of the Blue Team must be 18 years of age or older and are asked to volunteer at least one hour each week dedicated to Blue Team-specific volunteer tasks.

Become an Enrichment and Training Team Member

To become a member of our Green or Blue Teams, you must be an active volunteer and have completed our specialized training courses related to behavior, reward-based training methods and pet communication and body language.

  • First, you must become a registered, active volunteer with the Richmond SPCA, by submitting an application, completing our online orientation, completing our dog or cat handling classes, and completing 12 hours of dog or cat related volunteer hours.
  • Once these qualifications are met, complete a Green or Blue Team Application, and we will contact you about additional training specific to the enrichment team you’d like to join.

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