Richmond SPCA Training Class COVID-19 Policies

During COVID-19, the Richmond SPCA has put in place a number of precautions to protect the health and well being of our staff and clients. Class instructors will be disinfecting shared surfaces such as seating and agility equipment at the start of each training day. All bathrooms are stocked with hand soap, and hand sanitizer is available elsewhere in the training facility. Class instructors are routinely washing their hands, and they are wearing face coverings while also practicing social distancing. Class instructors experiencing acute respiratory illnesses or who have been exposed to positive or presumed-positive COVID-19 patients are staying home and not teaching in the facility.

Throughout the public health emergency, students are expected to:

  • Wear face coverings that cover your nose and mouth at all times inside the facility (an exception will be made for students who are actively running the agility course)
  • Attend virtual training classes if unable to wear a face covering
  • Bring and use your own water bottles and water bowls
  • Bring your own supply of dog treats and refrain from sharing treats with other students
  • Practice social distancing (keeping at least six feet away from instructors or other students)
  • Wash hands prior to the start of each class and sanitize hands as needed throughout class
  • Attend class as the only adult handler for a dog (meaning, every registered dog may only have a single person present for the class; exceptions may be made on a very limited basis with permission by the instructor)
  • Sign and return the Class Student COVID-19 Agreement to your class instructor on or by the first day of the class (hard copies will be available if you leave your copy at home)
  • Stay home if experiencing acute respiratory illness or if you have been exposed to positive or presumed-positive COVID-19 patients

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