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Meet Our Trainers

Eileen Holst-Grubbe, CTC
Senior Behavior and Training Specialist

Eileen joined the Richmond SPCA School for Dogs in September 2017, about a year after her graduation with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers. The comprehensive and rigorous “Harvard of dog training schools” provided Eileen with the skills to help dogs be dogs in a human world.

Since beginning her time at School for Dogs, Eileen has honed a love for working with dogs trying to conquer problems such as leash reactivity and discomfort with body handling.

Eileen shares her life away from School for Dogs with her 10 year old dog Willow and cats Kurt and Kit.

Rheanna Miller, ABCDT
Behavior and Training Associate

Rheanna joined School For Dogs as a trainer in August 2018. She specializes in basic obedience, helping correct problem behaviors and crate games. Rheanna is a certified Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer and is certified in pet CPR.

Jacob Burnheimer
Behavior and Training Associate

Jacob believes each dog has a different set of skills and strengths that are unique to that dog’s personality. He likes to use each dog’s individual skills and strengths to help with training, rather than prescribing the same routine to each dog he works with. Jacob is currently pursuing his CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA certifications.

Jacob has two adopted pets at home: a six-year-old dog named Floyd and a six-year-old cat named Wally.

Kathy Dailey
Behavior and Training Associate

Kathy joined our team in 2019 with more than fifteen years of training experience, including basic to advanced obedience and behavior modification. Having also worked with horses for years, she believes a common thread in training involves direct, instant communication between pet parent and dog. Every action brings an immediate reaction, either instantly rewarding the desired behavior or ignoring the undesired behavior.

Kathy believes it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to give every animal the best home possible, and she seeks to help make that happen through training.

Kathy has rescued and adopted dogs, cats, and at one point, a baby skunk. Her family currently includes a border-collie mix and two cats.

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