Beauregard’s Program

The Richmond SPCA offers a special program for loving pet owners who want to ensure that their pets will be cared for after they are gone. Beauregard’s Program gives individuals the option to leave their pets to the Richmond SPCA so that those pets have the opportunity for a loving, lifelong home.

Beauregard’s Program is named for the beloved dog of Ken Munzert, a great supporter of our organization who, years ago, asked that we care for his dog after his passing. Mr. Munzert helped us to recognize what a great service this would be to people who were concerned for their pets’ futures but who had no one to entrust them to. He remembered the Richmond SPCA in his will, and we are deeply grateful for his kindness.

Enroll Your Pet

To enroll in Beauregard’s Program, please provide the following information to Carol Anne Baker Lajoie, our chief of advancement, by email, by mail at 2519 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23220 or by fax to 804-521-0540.

  • Completed Pet Biography Form for each pet
    • Cat biography form (PDF)
    • Dog biography form (PDF)
  • Each pet’s veterinary records and medical history
  • A copy of the section of your will that states that your pet(s) are to come to the Richmond SPCA to be cared for and placed in a new home should they survive you
  • The name and contact information of the person designated to care for your pet(s) immediately following your passing should your pet(s) survive you and who will be responsible for bringing your pet(s) to the Richmond SPCA. Please note that we will need this person to call ahead to 804-521-1321 to assure that we reserve space in our center for the care of your pet(s).

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