photography policies

Roof and Landing Zone Photographers

Personal cell phones are NOT allowed on the roof.

We will have amazing photographers stationed at the top of the Thomas F. Farrell II Building to catch your big moment as you go Over The Edge, as well as in the landing zone.

Interested in photographing our rappellers at Over The Edge for the Richmond SPCA? Contact Gray Miller at gmiller@richmondspca.org or call 804-521-1311.

GoPros and Helmet Mounted Cameras

During your rappel, your hands will be occupied controlling their decent. For this reason, we only allow helmet-mounted, hands-free participant cameras.

Though we can work with most brands of cameras, we have had the most success with and are already geared for GoPro cameras that have the sliding clip, which may be slotted into the adhesive receiver already present on some helmets in our kits. Any adhesive mount applied to a helmet will not be removed or returned to you, as it may damage the helmet. All cameras will have a secondary attachment in case the primary attachment fails (usually a short lanyard).

We will work to facilitate the use of the cameras but will not delay the rappel schedule waiting on a camera.

Tips to make recording your rappel a success:

  • Make sure your battery is full.
  • Make sure your memory card is empty.
  • Let us know that you plan to bring a helment-mounted, hands-free camera with you on your descent. Call Janae Jones at 804-521-1309 or email her at jjones@richmondspca.org.


Over The Edge prohibits the use of drones at the event site during the event, including but not limited to the rooftop and rigging area for any training or main rappel, the exclusion zone of any ongoing rappel, including the vertical space above such exclusion zones, any area within 250 ft. of spectators for the event, and any other area determined by the on-site staff to require restricted airspace.

If any UAS is witnessed operating in the restricted zones, the Site Safety Supervisor is to be notified and may decide to halt the event until the drone is located and removed from the airspace.

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