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Sheltering Animals for Abused Families

Pets provide us great comfort during the most difficult times in our lives, and too often the fear of what could happen to a beloved pet keeps families from leaving an abusive home environment.

Families who seek help in escaping situations of domestic violence through the Richmond YWCA, Hanover Safe Place and Safe Harbor can trust the Richmond SPCA to shelter their pets in approved, undisclosed temporary fostering locations through our Sheltering Animals for Abused Families (SAAF) program.

The Richmond SPCA not only ensures that dogs and cats belonging to these brave families are kept safe – we also provide these pets essential veterinary treatment while they are in the program, all at no cost to their guardians.

During more than 15 years of existence, our SAAF program has delivered vaccinations, dental cleanings and heartworm and flea/tick prevention, as well as spay or neuter surgeries and other crucial care, to dozens of pets.

If you are leaving a situation of domestic violence and want to enroll your pets in the SAAF program, please first contact one of these participating shelters:

Richmond YWCA

Safe Harbor

Hanover Safe Place

Your caseworker will then contact the Richmond SPCA to coordinate temporary shelter of your pets with an approved, undisclosed foster care provider at no cost to you. The Richmond SPCA will maintain confidentiality of any information received from the shelter.

  • In accordance with the mission of the Richmond SPCA, your pet(s) will be placed in a safe and caring environment for the length of your stay in the shelter.
  • Food, water and veterinary care will be provided for your pet during your stay in the shelter. The Richmond SPCA will spay/neuter pets that are not sterilized at no charge to you.
  • We cannot permit guardians to visit their pets while the pets are in foster care. We assure you that your pet will receive plenty of love and attention until you are in a position to reunite with him or her.
  • The Richmond SPCA reserves the right to limit the number of pets accepted based on the availability of foster care providers and reserves the right to refuse the sheltering of any pet deemed aggressive or otherwise unmanageable.

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