Richmond SPCA staff gathered in front of the Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital entrance

Our Staff

Our Robins-Starr Humane Center and Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital are operated by a team of staff members dedicated to providing care and treatment to the homeless pets awaiting adoption and facilitating lifesaving programs and services for our community.

Board of Directors

Organization Leadership

Robin Robertson Starr
Chief Executive Officer
Learn more about Robin
804-521-1316 | email Robin

Tamsen Kingry
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive Officer-Elect
Learn more about Tamsen
804-521-1312 | email Tamsen


Tabitha Frizzell Treloar
Director of Communications
Learn more about Tabitha
804-521-1303 | email Tabitha

Anne Goddard Rand
Communications Specialist
804-521-1319 | email Anne


Lisa Clarke Rivadeneira
Director of Development
Learn more about Lisa
804-521-1321 | email Lisa

Gray Miller
Manager of Community Development
804-521-1320 | email Gray

Laurie Mavica
Manager of Events
804-521-1318 | email Laurie

Susan Nelson
Coordinator of Development and Events
804-521-1308 | email Susan

Megan Buckner
Development and Events Assistant
804-521-1309 | email Megan

Shelter Operations

Carly Sgueo
Director of Shelter Operations
Learn more about Carly
804-521-1315 | email Carly


Timothy Joyner
Manager of Adoptions
804-521-1333 | email Timothy

Tommy DeSanto
Assistant Manager of Adoptions
804-521-1333 | email Tommy

Volunteers and Programs

Michelle Russell
Manager of Volunteers and Programs
804-521-1329 | email Michelle

Cierra Sowers
Volunteers and Programs Assistant
804-521-1329 | email Cierra

Veterinary Services

Angela Ivey, DVM
Director of Veterinary Medicine
Learn more about Dr. Ivey

Brittany Pierri and Jerry (dog)

Brittany Pierri
Manager of Internal Veterinary Services
804-521-1336 | email Brittany

Lindsay Brockman, LVT
Director of the Susan M. Markel
Veterinary Hospital
Learn more about Lindsay
804-521-1302 | email Lindsay

Gina Russell
Coordinator of Client Services,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital
804-521-1339 | email Gina

Janice Scheibe
Coordinator of Patient Services,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital
804-521-1304 | email Janice

Courtney Bowers, DVM
Lead Veterinarian,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital

Jennifer Cooke, DVM
Associate Veterinarian,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital

David Molinas, DVM
Associate Veterinarian,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital

Supervisor of Snacks,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital

Humane Education and Training

Chief of Education and Training
Learn more about Sarah
804-521-1324 | email Sarah

Kyla Finck
Senior Manager of Education and Training
Learn more about Kyla
804-521-1326 | email Kyla

Jackie Laubacher, CPDT-KSA
Senior Behavior and Training Specialist
804-521-1337 | email Jackie

Richmond SPCA green and blue logo on white background

Chanel Moses
Coordinator of Humane Education
804-521-1327 | email Chanel

Jessica Sexton, CPDT-KA
Coordinator of School for Dogs
804-521-1381 | email Jessica

Gail Bird Necklace
Education and Training Administrator
804-521-1332 | email Gail


Laura Palin
Manager of Admissions
804-521-1323 | email Laura

Ellen Harrison
Transfer Coordinator
email Ellen

Allana Maiden
Coordinator of Foster Care
804-521-1313 | email Allana

Animal Care

Danny MacKay
Manager of Animal Care
804-521-1305 | email Danny

Brooke Dickerson
Assistant Manager of Animal Care
email Brooke


Steven Graeff, CPA
Director of Finance and Accounting
Learn more about Steve
804-521-1325 | email Steve

Kari Hosack, MPA
Manager of Human Resources
804-521-1314 | email Kari

Barclay Finck
Manager of Facilities
804-521-1317 | email Barclay

Christina Bird
Manager of Retail
804-521-1334 | email Christina

Sarah Mims
Executive Assistant
804-521-1316 | email Sarah

Caroline O’Keefe
Accounting Assistant
804-521-1311 | email Caroline

Supervisor of Sunshine Soaking

Board of Directors

We are grateful for the bold vision and dynamic leadership of the volunteers who make up our Board of Directors that has been essential to our recognition as a national no-kill leader.

John R. (Jack) Nelson, Chair
Mitch Haddon, Vice Chair
Tom Hamlin, Treasurer and Secretary

  • Tina L. Bachas
  • David R. Beran
  • Bartholomew Broadbent
  • Phyllis L. Cothran
  • Lori M. Evangel
  • Marla D. Fergerson
  • Stefanie G. Gordinier
  • Deborah D. Hinton
  • Lee Anne Holdren
  • Michael W. Hughes
  • P. Emerson Hughes, Jr.
  • Allen B. King
  • Elizabeth King
  • Tamsen H. Kingry
  • Pat Manning
  • Anthony F. Markel
  • Cyndi Massad
  • Lou Anne J. Nabhan
  • Cindy Payne Pryor
  • Agustin E. Rodriguez
  • Watson Seaman
  • Stuart C. Siegel
  • Robin Robertson Starr
  • Julia H. Thomas
  • Laura D. Windsor, Esq.

Board Chairmen Emeriti

P. Emerson Hughes, Jr.
E. Clairborne Robins, Jr.

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