Our Staff

Our Robins-Starr Humane Center, Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital and Smoky’s Spay & Neuter Clinic are operated by a team of staff members dedicated to providing care and treatment to the homeless pets awaiting adoption and facilitating lifesaving programs and services for our community.

Board of Directors

Organization Leadership

Tamsen Kingry and Maggie (dog)

Tamsen Kingry (she/her)
Chief Executive Officer
Learn more about Tamsen
804-521-1322 | email Tamsen

Lisa Clarke Rivadeneira (she/her)
Chief Operating Officer
Learn more about Lisa
804-521-1312 | email Lisa

Sarah Babcock with Trinket (dog)

Sarah Babcock, CTC, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CDBC (she/her)
Chief of Education and Training
Learn more about Sarah
804-521-1324 | email Sarah


Carol Anne Baker Lajoie (she/her)
Chief Advancement Officer
Learn more about Carol Anne
804-521-1321 | email Carol Anne

Tabitha Frizzell Treloar (she/her)
Director of Communications
Learn more about Tabitha
804-521-1303 | email Tabitha

Laurie Mavica and Foxy (dog)

Laurie Mavica (she/her)
Manager of Events
804-521-1318 | email Laurie

Erin Tidsworth (she/her)
Manager of Annual Giving
804-521-1320 | email Erin

Laura Roose (she/her)
Graphic Designer
804-521-1326 | email Laura

Vanessa Gleiser (she/her)
Digital Media Specialist
804-521-1319 | email Vanessa

Janae Jones (she/her)
Fundraising Events Specialist
804-521-1309 | email Janae

Katie Henderson (she/her)
Stewardship and Data Specialist
804-521-1308 | email Katie

Sarah Mims and Holly (dog)

Sarah Mims (she/her)
Communications and Administration Specialist
804-521-1316 | email Sarah

Bri Green (she/her)
Special Tails Liaison
email Bri

Shelter Operations

Carly Sgueo
Senior Director of Shelter Operations
Learn more about Carly
804-521-1315 | email Carly

Richmond SPCA green and blue logo on white background

Sharon Maddox
Manager of Admissions
email Sharon

Nicole Harrig (she/her)
Assistant Manager of Admissions
804-521-5371 | email Nicole

Jennifer Walters (she/her)
Coordinator of Surrenders
804-521-5372 | email Jennifer

Adoption Center

Tommy DeSanto with Sprout (dog)

Tommy DeSanto (he/him)
Director of the Adoption Center
Learn more about Tommy
804-521-1333 | email Tommy

Lizzy Birdsell
Assistant Manager of the Adoption Center
804-521-5378 | email Lizzy

Page Grissom (she/her)
Assistant Manager of the Adoption Center
804-521-5378 | email Page

Kelsey Powell (she/her)
Coordinator of Foster Care
804-521-1313 | email Kelsey

Mark Hutcherson (he/him)
Foster Care Specialist
804-521-1313 | email Mark


Amber T. M. Stevens (she/her)
Manager of Volunteers
804-521-1329 | email Amber

Zoë Royall (she/her)
Assistant Manager of Volunteers
804-521-1329 | email Zoë

Veterinary Services

Dr. Angela Ivey

Angela Ivey, DVM
Director of Veterinary Medicine
Learn more about Dr. Ivey

Timothy Joyner and Grady (dog)

Tim Joyner (he/him)
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital
Learn more about Timothy
804-521-1302 | email Timothy

Katherine Finch (she/her)
Manager of Client Services,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital
804-521-1339 | email Katherine

Gabriella Teamkin (she/her)
Manager of Patient Services,
Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital

Ariel Youmans (she/they)
Smoky’s Spay & Neuter Clinic
804-368-6232 | email Ariel

Katie Goodell, LVT
Manager of Internal Veterinary Services

Meet our doctors of veterinary medicine and our licensed veterinary technicians.

Education and Training

Eileen Holst-Grubbe, CTC
Manager of Education and Training
804-521-1382 | email Eileen

Rheanna Miller, CPDT-KA (she/her)
Coordinator of School for Dogs
804-521-1323 | email Rheanna

Verna Yrure (she/her)
Education and Training Administrative Assistant
804-521-1332 | email Verna

Gail Bird Necklace

Gail Bird Necklace
Education and Training Administrator
804-521-1332 | email Gail

Animal Care

Cynthia Skala (she/her)
Manager of Animal Care
804-521-1305 | email Cynthia

Danielle Rothenbach (she/her)
Assistant Manager of Animal Care
email Danielle


Tracey Coats, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Learn more about Tracey
804-521-1325 | email Tracey

Kari Hosack and Stella (dog)

Kari Hosack, MPA, SHRM-CP (she/her)
Director of People Operations
Learn more about Kari
804-521-1314 | email Kari

Jason Rochon
Manager of Facilities
804-521-1317 | email Jason

Gray Miller (she/her)
Manager of Employee Engagement
804-521-1311 | email Gray

Ryan Scott (she/her)
Accounting Specialist
804-521-1334 | email Ryan

Board of Directors

We are grateful for the bold vision and dynamic leadership of the volunteers who make up our Board of Directors that has been essential to our recognition as a national no-kill leader.

Laura D. Windsor, Esq., Chair
Mark Franko, Vice Chair
Lisa M. Hicks-Thomas, Secretary
Elizabeth King, Treasurer

Tanya Battle
Janet W. Cho
Paul Cornell
Mark DeBord
Todd Dykshorn
Marla D. Fergerson
Andrea Sullivan Gould, Esq.
Matthew Gray-Keeling
Mitch Haddon
Deborah D. Hinton
Michael W. Hughes
Tamsen Kingry

Barbara Lawson, MD
Justin Lo
Pat Manning
Cyndi Massad
Carl E. (Buddy) Omohundro, Jr.
Michael R. Parker
Agustin E. Rodriguez
Stuart C. Siegel
Robin Robertson Starr
Julia H. Thomas
Wendy Williams

Board Chairmen Emeriti

P. Emerson Hughes
E. Claiborne Robins, Jr.

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