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Timothy Thomas at the Richmond SPCA Fur Ball with his guardian Kimber and Richmond SPCA CEO Tamsen Kingry
Timothy Thomas glowed in the attention and adoration he received at the 21st Annual Fur Ball, where he became this year’s mascot. Pictured with Kimber Reeves and Richmond SPCA CEO Tamsen Kingry.

Every year at the Richmond SPCA’s Fur Ball, which benefits our Cinderella Fund for sick, injured and neonatal orphaned animals, we auction off the opportunity to serve as our mascot for the coming year.

This year, Tim Tom will represent the Richmond SPCA’s dogs and cats at fun Richmond SPCA events as well as at other important events around town. We are so excited to welcome Tim Tom as our 2019-2020 mascot!

Tim Tom, our 2019-2020 Mascot

At the Richmond SPCA’s 21st Annual Fur Ball on Saturday, November 2, 2019, Timothy Thomas won the opportunity to serve as our 2019-2020 mascot. In this role, he will represent dogs and cats in need of loving homes, like the one he is grateful to have with the Reeves family.

Timothy Thomas, also known as Tim Tom or Timmy, became part of the Reeves family on Christmas Day in 2015 and has been loved and adored by them ever since, especially by their daughter Kimber, who had asked Santa for a companion to fill the hole in her heart left by the passing of her beloved Lulu.

His family describes him as extremely intelligent, and they’ve conveyed the weight of his important new responsibilities as Richmond SPCA mascot. At four years old, they believe he has the right level of maturity to bring awareness to the mission of the Richmond SPCA to rescue, rehabilitate and find lasting, loving homes for thousands of homeless dogs and cats. Though many pets awaiting adoption have not started life with the good fortune Tim Tom has known, he is eager to be the face of the happy outcomes and unconditional love that can be found in the Richmond SPCA’s adoption center.

A little dog filled with confidence

When Tim Tom is not busy being the “dog-about-town” with mascot appearances, his guardian Shannon Reeves says her family’s precious dog loves:

  • Being by the side of his favorite girl, Kimber. The two share an inseparable bond!
  • Being groomed. He’s known to fall asleep while being pampered.
  • Sunbathing. He makes a hobby of finding the best sunny spot in the house to nap.
  • Being adored. He was quite in his element descending the Jefferson Hotel’s Grand Staircase with all eyes on him during the Fur Ball.
  • His doggy sister Tiggy-Winkle. She was his very first fan and always keeps a close watch over the younger pup.

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