Why have one

when two is twice the fun!

Meet our 2022-2023 Mascots, sisters Nita and Willa!


Our Mascots

Every year at the Richmond SPCA’s Fur Ball, which benefits our Cinderella Fund for sick, injured and neonatal orphaned animals, we auction off the opportunity to serve as our mascot for the coming year.

This year, Nita and Willa will represent the Richmond SPCA’s dogs and cats at Richmond SPCA events as well as helping promote our lifesaving work around town. We are so excited to welcome them both as our 2022-2023 mascots!

Nita and Willa

This year we have not one mascot but two! Nita and Willa are sisters who have the great fortune of being the companions of Deanna and Joe Moore. They will be sharing mascot duties this year, so get to know the girls before meeting them at an upcoming event.

Joe Moore with Nita and Deanna Moore with Willa

Who’s who?

With two pairs of perky bat ears, wide grins and alert eyes, it’s a must to know which adorable pup you’re greeting. Nita is blue (or silver/grey) and a bit bigger than her little sister, the petite-sized, cream-colored Willa.

Both love car rides and are overjoyed when they get to go on an adventure. Their first visit to the Richmond SPCA was for our 20-Years No-Kill Block Party in June 2022, where they had a great time celebrating the milestone and all the lives that have been saved.

Both girls:

  • Favorite treats are cheese, blueberries and tortilla chips
  • Best nap spots are in the sunny patch on the stairs or in front of the fireplace
  • Are spoiled by all their family and friends
  • Cheer for Georgia Tech and wear bandanas on game days
  • Get a special breakfast cooked just for them on their birthdays
  • Despite sisterly squabbles, quickly snuggle again after any disagreement

Uniquely Nita:

  • Joined the Moore family in July 2016
  • Is named for Deanna’s mom, Juanita – continuing a fun and silly tradition of naming pets for other members of the family
  • Goes to work with Joe for extra spoiling
  • Might be sighted at Moore Subaru or Moore Cadillac — say hello!
  • Makes up for her sister’s disinterest in toys by getting extra joy from taking toys that aren’t hers
  • Shares her birthday in May with two human family members

Uniquely Willa:

  • Joined the Moore family in May 2021
  • Is named for Deanna’s dad, William
  • Has first claim to Deanna’s lap at all times
  • Follows walks with warm-up time in front of the heat vent
  • Plays for a new toy for 5 minutes tops before losing interest

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