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Our Mascot

Every year at the Richmond SPCA’s Fur Ball, which benefits our Cinderella Fund for sick, injured and neonatal orphaned animals, we auction off the opportunity to serve as our mascot for the coming year.

This year, Irving will represent the Richmond SPCA’s dogs and cats at Richmond SPCA events as well as helping promote our lifesaving work around town. We are so excited to welcome him as our 2023-2024 mascot!

Irving’s Gotcha Day

Irving was adopted as a puppy by the treasurer of our Board of Directors, Elizabeth King, and Garett Jones on May 10, 2022. Elizabeth saw Irving’s litter on social media, and when she and Garett arrived at our humane center, his siblings had all been adopted, and he was the only remaining puppy. “When we walked in, he immediately jumped, wagged and greeted us like we were the most important people on earth,” Elizabeth recalls. While they were meeting with Irving, Elizabeth says Irving “looked up at me, and I know that I saw him say, ‘Are you my mother?’ –  just like the children’s book.”

Irving’s litter on social media

Upon bringing him home, Elizabeth says Irving was “feisty, contemplative and wild right away.” He had “a joie de vivre that can’t be compromised,” and he took “naturally to toys, fetching, beds and chasing his tail.”

Garett Jones and Elizabeth King with Irving

Irving’s Favorite Things

Elizabeth says, “Irving now divides his time between Richmond and Washington, DC. His favorite places are his RVA backyard, the rooftop of his DC residence and most importantly the Richmond SPCA School for Dogs. He enjoys scampering, toys that are made for big dogs, tearing up tissue paper and running faster than all the other dogs at the dog park.” His travels include New York City; Los Angeles; Bonita Springs, FL; Seneca Rocks, WV; Ithaca, NY and the Finger Lakes region, NY. “At home, he likes to burrow under bed covers and sun himself in a chair while his humans earn money to buy dog treats.”

Irving riding in the car and frolicking in Washington, D.C.

Irving’s DNA Results

Irving’s special mix is the sort of one-of-a-kind dog who’s only found by adopting from a shelter like the Richmond SPCA. To learn more about his makeup than the obvious, “half amazing, half terrific,” his guardians sent off a cheek swab to get his DNA. The results revealed that his top five breeds are:

  • 50% Chihuahua
  • 16% Miniature Pinscher
  • 8% Pomeranian
  • 8% Papillon
  • 6% Shih Tzu

The Year of Irving

Irving’s message as the Richmond SPCA mascot is that adopting a homeless pet “can fill your heart.” He’s a little Richmond SPCA alumnus with a big personality. Keep up with him on Instagram, @richmondspcamascot, and at upcoming 2024 events.

Carol Anne Baker Lajoie, Laurie Mavica, Garett Jones, Irving, Elizabeth King, Tabitha Treloar, Janae Jones

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