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Pet Post revisited: After a collapsed lung, Mr. Burns breathes sigh of relief

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2022
two photos of grey tabby cat: at left he looks at a person holding a printed newsletter with the same cat's story on the cover; at right cat is relaxed on a lap while winking at camera

On the cover of our Fall 2022 Pet Post, we shared the story of Mr. Burns, a 4-year-old cat we transferred from Petersburg Animal Control. Thanks to a generous grant from Virginia Veterinary Centers, he had a lifesaving operation performed by surgical specialist Dr. Septima Aktay to correct injuries sustained from an unknown trauma that perforated his diaphragm and resulted in a collapsed lung.

Before Mr. Burns’ surgery was scheduled, he enjoyed the comfort of a temporary foster home with Susan and Jon Sisk. Though his sweet personality was evident, Susan said, “he definitely didn’t feel well during that time,” and he quickly retreated beneath their bed and only emerged for nighttime snuggles. Following surgery, he returned to the Sisk home to recover.

“After the surgery, he began to spend more time out and about in the house with us,” Susan said. Soon, the gray tabby was hardly leaving her side, spending his days on the family room sofa, observing the household’s action.

Placing pets in foster homes to heal after medical procedures not only gives them a quieter environment to rest, it gives us space in our humane center to help additional animals. VVC sponsors our foster program, giving volunteers added reassurance — especially when caring for a pet in the days following a major surgery — that if a foster pet experiences an emergency after hours, our foster coordinator can authorize a visit for critical care at a VVC location.

Fortunately, Mr. Burns had no further complications and within two weeks, he was recovered and ready for adoption. In that time, he had captured the Sisks’ heart, and they knew he was home for good. Their family also added a dog, Mrs. Maisel, who became fast friends with Mr. Burns. His complete recovery from the collapsed lung leaves him able to play with the little dog as much as he wants, and to jump out of reach when he doesn’t.

“He is a great fit for our family and has found a buddy in Maisel,” Susan said.

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