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Building a new home for our Pet Pantry

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023
Teen standing on sidewalk in front of brick building holding pet food containers
Kimber Reeves stands in the site that will be home to our new self-service Pet Pantry.

When families turn to the Richmond SPCA because they are struggling to care for their companion animals, we make every effort to work with them on solutions that let the pet stay in the home with the people who love them. One measure to help cats and dogs remain in their homes is to provide temporary pet food assistance.

Donated supplies of dog and cat food are available to guardians who ask for help from our Pet Pantry, which assisted 140 people last year. Currently, food is requested from our admissions department, and a counselor will make an appointment for guardians to pick up the supplies they need.

Enhancing access to pet food

Scheduling is a barrier to some, whether due to embarrassment or inconvenience, so making the Pet Pantry self-service will let this program serve more guardians and their pets.

Kimber Reeves, a local Girl Scout, contacted the Richmond SPCA seeking a suitable project for her Gold Award. Creating an outdoor, weather-proof, self-service home for the Pet Pantry was a perfect fit to make the impact she had in mind for this award.

Working with our facilities department and Ulrich Lifestyle Structures, Kimber has finalized plans for the site and design of a shed that will improve access to pet food for those who need it.

Mockup of 6-by-8 foot blue and green shed to be installed by Ulrich

The next step: Fundraising

Kimber’s goal is to raise $3,500 for the shed, which will be installed between the ramps to our humane center’s main entrance and the rear of our volunteer welcome center. Support this volunteer project by making a tax-deductible gift below.

Any funds raised above the project goal will be used to sustain our Pet Pantry program.

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