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Nacho’s First Holiday

Posted on Thursday, December 28, 2023
Sara Sewell holds Nacho

When we brought Nacho and his four siblings into our care in early November, they were just two weeks old. The adorable litter of five tiny puppies we transferred from Cumberland County Animal Control seemed healthy and were best cared for by their attentive mom. While Nacho’s siblings continued to thrive and grow, our animal care staff began to worry that Nacho, the tiniest of the litter, was falling victim to bullying and “sibling rivalry” in his quest for food and attention from mom. When he failed to gain weight, we made the sad but prudent decision to pull Nacho from his family. “Fading puppy syndrome” can turn fatal quickly.

After spending a few days with Richmond SPCA staff, who took Nacho home in order to provide around-the-clock supportive care, we knew Nacho’s best chance at survival would be in the home of one of our amazing foster care volunteers.

Nacho spent his first holiday in a loving home

Spending time in the “Sewell Zoo” with experienced foster provider Sara Sewell (@thesewellzoo) was exactly what Nacho needed. While his early weeks weren’t easy, Nacho had a lot of fight in his tiny body. He has been eating and gaining weight throughout the month of December. Nacho isn’t available for adoption yet, but he spent his first Christmas in a loving home, where Sara and her family showered him with love and affection.

Nacho’s lifesaving journey began when our friends at Cumberland County Animal Control took custody of Nacho and his family. While at our humane center, the attentive Richmond SPCA staff who monitor the progress (or lack thereof) of the pets in their charge and the dedicated foster volunteers who open their homes and hearts to pets in need all contribute to the success of pets like Nacho. His journey, and that of thousands of other vulnerable pets is made possible thanks to the support of generous donors like you.


An anonymous donor believes so much in the power of a loving home, that they have made a generous gift in honor of one of their beloved foster dogs, Cash. From now until the end of the calendar year, they will match every dollar we raise, up to $5,000.

As 2023 ends, we are grateful to all of you who come together to support vulnerable animals. Thank you for donating, fostering, and adopting. We’re pretty sure Nacho would thank you, too.

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