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Pet spotlight: Hooch

Posted on Saturday, February 02, 2019
two photos of Hooch, a boxer mix, sitting in outdoor playpen and standing in a light dusting of snow

Hooch is as goofy and produces just as much slobber as his movie namesake though he’s nowhere near as big as Turner’s companion. Since we brought him into our care two years ago, Hooch has had his ups and downs medically, but he has certainly captured our staff’s hearts. He has particularly struck a strong bond with our Senior Behavior and Training Specialist Jackie Laubacher. In today’s adoption blog, we wanted to highlight this big dog with a big heart.

Hooch arrived in our care from Hanover County Animal Control in October 2017. Skinny, scared and sick with heartworms, Hooch had seen better days. As Hooch began to recover from his heartworm treatment and respiratory illness, Jackie began working with the 70-pound dog to assess his personality. It was determined that Hooch was not a social butterfly. He preferred to stay close to Jackie’s side and was unsure of strangers. He was most comfortable when he was with one trusted person.

Introverted and shy in the shelter environment, Hooch’s personality really began to blossom when he went to Jackie’s home for weekend sleepovers. These mini getaways helped Hooch build confidence and they also provided Jackie the opportunity to work with Hooch one on one. He is very intelligent and has thoroughly enjoyed obedience training, quickly learning “sit,” “down,” “shake,” “leave it” and “come.”

As Hooch became more comfortable at our humane center, he quickly began making many friends at the adoption center. Adoption counselor Caitlin Stallings had this to say about her canine pal:

“You know you’re in the in club when he throws himself against your legs and asks for side rubs. What more would you ever want than this big loaf swooning over you, giving you all his attention?”

Hooch is a wonderful dog who needs someone who will provide him with security, patience and guidance. He also needs to be the only pet in an adult-only home. Is your home the right home for him? Visit him today at our adoption center and see if he is your next best friend.

Anne Goddard Rand is the communications specialist at the Richmond SPCA. Prior to working for the Richmond SPCA, she worked in the wildlife conservation field with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the National Wildlife Federation.

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