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Lionheart’s lifesaving “glow-up”

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2019
After he was surrendered to us in deplorable condition, your support made it possible for us to give Lionheart a lifesaving "glow-up."

When Lionheart was surrendered to us in April, his former owner told us that the 7-year-old dog, who was covered in severe mats, had been hiding under a bed. That’s where the poor dog had been left to live for two years.

We immediately took Lionheart into our care, and our dedicated team got to work. Not knowing his body condition and overall health, our veterinary team worked quickly to relieve Lionheart of his painful mats and address his medical conditions that had mounted over years of neglect.

It took several hours for our staff to remove pounds of matted fur that had amassed on his tiny body. His fur was matted so thick that it had been preventing him from eating, drinking and walking properly.

Eventually, a small, shy dog began to emerge, and life began again for Lionheart.

Watch Lionheart’s transformation.

After Lionheart was shaved and his nails were clipped, we assessed the damage that years of neglect had done to him. We tended to Lionheart’s sores on his skin, performed a dental to relieve him of terrible, untreated periodontal disease, neutered him and treated him for internal parasites, carefully monitoring his fur regrowth.

Lionheart received medical treatment, rehabilitation and love in our care for three months. By June, Lionheart was well and we were able to clear him for adoption. He was quickly adopted by a compassionate and very loving new guardian who adores him.

Because of your lifesaving kindness, we can transform the future together for thousands of pets, like Lionheart, who come to us in the most desperate of need.

Gray Miller and Olive (dog)

Gray Miller is our manager of community development. After adopting her first dog, Olive, in 2009, Gray made it a priority to give back to the Richmond SPCA because of how much we had given to her by saving the life of her best friend. In her role, she works with wonderful people and generous local organizations who wish to partner with the Richmond SPCA to support its lifesaving work.

Gray and her family share their home with four adopted pets: three dogs, Olive, Fang and Sam, and a cat, Eric.

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