Managing a Reactive Dog – Virtual

April 18 – May 23, 2021
Sundays 10:00 a.m.
Please note, if class does not fill the start date will be pushed back by one week.

This is a virtual class via Zoom. For more information about virtual classes is available here: What You Need.

Instructor: Mel Hardwick

Managing a Reactive Dog is an entry-level course for dogs who frantically growl, bark and lunge at dogs, people, or moving objects while out on walks.  We will complete exercises designed to address the root cause of reactivity: the emotional state of the dog.  We will also complete exercises that help the dog have better focus on his or her guardian and teach behaviors other than reacting. These exercises are designed for everyday dog guardians who are not professional trainers. Our goal is to help you maintain better control of your companion.

We will not cover how to introduce your dog to new animals or people.

If you have any questions regarding whether this class is right for you and your dog, please call Gail Bird Necklace at 804-521-1332. 

The first class is for people only.

Six week, 1-hour virtual class

We highly recommend that reactive dogs sign up for individual behavior consultations along with class.

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